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Nama Development™ is a technology development and licencing company. Our Isomax™ cellular material achieves theoretical bounds for isotropic stiffness making it one of the lightest and strongest engineering materials. Our website is in the early stages of development so check back soon for new content. Check us out in the news . Contact info@namadevelopment.com with any questions.

Our Isomax material™ blends form and function—achieving theoretical bounds for stiffness. Isomax™ has been rigorously shown to have the potential to achieve the maximum theoretical performance. When made out of high-performance alloys, ceramics and composites the stiffness and strength of the Isomax material™ is potentially unsurpassed. The relatively simple geometry allows for functional gradation and the design of 'smart' materials and structures. Robust solid-state sensors, valves and adaptive biomedical devices are all exciting possibilities. Learn more about what we are doing.